Sessions are tailored to fit the specific needs of a school, district/board or organization by consulting with them prior to an event. Pricing and length of sessions are negotiable.

Interactive Sessions

  • Anti-oppressive Framework: What is it? What does it look like in practice?
  • What is Culturally Relevant Pedagogy? Why does it matter in school communities and in classrooms?
  • Intersectionality: Where Feminism, Anti-Racism, Anti-Classism, Anti-Homophobia and Anti-Transphobia Come Together
  • Addressing and Challenging Microaggression
  • Navigating Competing Human Rights in the Workplace
  • What is fair? Equitable Assessment Practices
  • Inquiry Learning – How teachers can see, over time, how to realistically integrate more inquiry-based learning into the context of their own classrooms. K-3 focus, 4-6 focus, 7-9 focus
  • Comprehensive, Structured & Inclusive Literacy
  • New Teacher Retention
  • Mentoring for Educational Growth and Leadership
  • Promoting Excellence in Educational Coaching Teams: Training for Facilitating Critical Conversations and Implementing Anti-Oppressive Framework in Leadership